Marcella Pigni Maccia

My journey starts very early thanks to the family habits that give me “good food“ memories
through the importance of raw ingredients, the pleasure of cooking and the art of receiving.

As a lover of challenges and my inclination to listening, I choose the profession of physiotherapist, but the passion
of cooking follows me wherever I go and pushes me, step by step, towards a more and more defined direction.
Cooking for friends is my favorite creative moment. The taste of my dishes spreads its flavor in the kitchens
of some friends who introduce me in the advertising adventure.


I work as a food stylist for the major ADV agencies and production companies in Italy and abroad.
Between one campaign and the other I continue the activity as a personal chef. The fil rouge is always the food.
I decide eventually to dedicate myself professionally and totally to what I love most: cooking for others.

Alongside great professionals, I learn the technique, the planning and the organization.
I learn to manage crisis situations and find solutions, how to interact with very different people
for personality and culture that transmit me the “know how” in a thousand shades.

I travel a lot to discover new and forgotten flavors, often ”unlikely” or wonderful,
but always surprising. Along my path I collaborate with banqueting companies and manage
the launch of new start-ups as Food Manager, realities still active today.

For the last 5 years, I have been dedicating myself to a kitchen that combines well-being and taste,
concentrating on the lunch world. My challenge is to make the cuisine healthy, wether it’s vegetarian or not,
inviting or appetizing, in order it can become a good habit. I develop both sweet and savory recipes and traditional or fusion.
I Develop bespoke menu templates for the salad & sandwich bar up to collective catering.

The mission of L´Uovo e la Gallina is contained in the definition itself:
implementing the project in line with the commercial idea, accompanying
the Customer to achieve the final objective.

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